HYDRAULIC FLUID                                                                                

Product Description:

DYNOL HYDRO Arctic 32 is an advance hydraulic fluid formulated for use in applications subject to extremely low ambient temperatures. It’s very high viscosity index (VI) allows hydraulic fluid to flow at temperatures where it becomes too thick to allow equipment to operate. It enables the hydraulic system to operate more efficiently and to increase equipment availability. Anti-wear additives help protect critical components of the hydraulic system from wear.  Allows operation over a wide temperature range


DYNOL Hydro Arctic 32 is can be used in all types of hydraulic systems operating in cold and arctic conditions.



  • Safe equipment start-up at very low temperatures
  • Provides higher productivity from machines
  • Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Provides wide operating temperature range
  • Excellent equipment protection


Meets the performance:

DIN 51524 PART3 (HVLP), AFNOR NF E 48-603, U.S. Steel 126/127, Extreme Temperature Hydraulic Fluid

  Technical Data:

DYNOLTest method 
  Arctic 32
Density at 15°C gr/cm³ASTM D 12980.85-0.86
Viscosity at 40°C cStASTM D 44532
Viscosity at 100°C cStASTM D 4459-10
Viscosity IndexASTM D 2270160
Flash point   °CASTM D 92225
Pour point    °CASTM D 97-55

Above values are the typical values of the products and may vary with each batch.

 Please check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil viscosity grade and API classification and approvals.

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