Environmental Policy

Tarimsan Inc. in its activities of producing, filling, delivery and sales of motor oils, antifreeze and industrial fluids; aims to meet customer expectations and constantly improve its quality, focusing on the customer to increase their satisfaction and with this consciousness, offer high-quality products and services to its customers in the fastest and most economical way by utilizing most current and developing technologies.

We commit to:

* Developing motor oils, antifreeze and other products for automotive and industrial use that are environmentally friendly,

* Protecting the environment and ensuring effective use of natural resources in the purchasing, production and shipping stages in line with sustainable development principles,

* Raising environmental awareness of employees in order to ensure economic and ecological balance. Ensuring that environmental performance becomes part of our corporate culture by continuously improving and applying environmental practices and increasing the efficiency of natural resources,

* Minimizing pollution for all manufacturing and services activities and reducing consumption of natural resources by closely monitoring processes starting with the design, purchase of raw materials, production, delivery and usage to increase the useful life of the product.

* All company employees and employee representatives to be in communication, consultation and cooperation activities with industry customers and suppliers in order to create OHS and environmental culture and awareness.

* To establish a prevention culture by systematically making risk assessments regarding possible dangerous situations and behaviors within the scope of all activities,

* To follow national and international environmental legislation and to fulfill relevant obligations,

The opinions, suggestions and participation of our company’s most fundamental and valuable elements; our employees and employee representatives are taken for risk-oriented planning of activities to prevent work-related health deterioration and occupational diseases. While performing all these activities, we will comply with national and international legislation and other regulations and constantly improve and develop the IMS System.

TARIMSAN A.Ş. holds the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certificate by Bureau Veritas. Through its commitment to this system, Tarmond abides by the following Enviroental Policy