Dynol Lubrıcants ıs a regıstered trademark of TARIMSAN A.Ş.

About Us


The lube blending mother company Tarimsan A.S. was established in 1981 in Gebze, the industrial region of Kocaeli, just 30 km outside of Istanbul in a modern production facility built on 10,000 square meters of owned land.


Starting as an agricultural chemicals company Tarimsan A.S. , diversified its business lines to include automotive and industrial oils in 1987. The company shifted most of its production to the manufacture of Automotive and Industrial oils, as well as, antifreeze and automotive auxiliary products. Since then, Tarimsan A.S. produced for many multinational brands as their toll manufacturer when they first decided to enter the Turkish market.


Tarimsan A.S. is the only manufacturer in Turkey that has been exporting to Scandinavian countries for more than 15 years. Apart from its own brand, the company makes private label production according to the specific requirements of its customers. 


Dynol brand was developed to fulfill the stringent requirements of international standards at a value price. The concept of the brand is to be the best buy among its international competitors. As blending specialists, we excel in bringing you the top-tier technologies that make engines better, greener and cleaner. From the newest car models to the harsh environment of heavy-duty trucks, selecting the right lubricant for the engine and transmission is the key to keep moving parts running smoothly. Dynol’s innovative lubricants and fluids are developed to increase fuel economy, boost engine performance, increase uptime and decrease the cost of operation. 


The company has been awarded ISO 9001 in 2001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (previously ISO 18001) in 2007.

ISO 45001 Certificate Number: TR011714

ISO 9001 Certificate Number: TR011712

ISO 14001 Certificate Number: TR011713

awarded Qualıty certificate
years of experıence
square meters of owned land
cars brake fluıd and antıfreeze fırst-fıll


Outsourced Customers in TARIMSAN History:

Outsourced Customers in TARIMSAN History:

    • Esso Lubricants (1987-1990)

Offering  filling services for  motor oils

    • ELF  (1990-1994)

Blending and filling services for all  motor , industrial oils and antifreeze

    • TOTAL (1991-1994)

Blending and filling services for all  motor , industrial oils and antifreeze

    • SHELL  (1993-1997)

Blending and filling services for textile oils and antifreeze

    • FIAT LUBRIFICANTI  (1995-2008)

Blending and filling services for all  motor , industrial oils and antifreeze

    • CASTROL (1997-2002)

Blending and filling services for motor  oils

    • ExxonMobil (2000-2009)

Blending and filling services for antifreeze and oil additives. Approved contractor as third party blender

Outsourced Customers To Date: 

  • JCB Heavy Construction Equipments Manufacturer

Filling of their heavy duty engine oils since 2011. This has been  a growing business  since then.

  • Erdemir, leader in sheet metal production in Turkey and most of Europe 

Supplying many industrial oils including a specific VCI containing rust preventive oil and only two producers in Turkey are approved for this product, one of which is Tarmond.

  • Denmark based hardware department store 

Since 2008, manufacturing automotive oils for a Denmark based hardware department store with over 100 stores across Scandinavia with a wide selection in tools, equipment for garden and home, as well as, cars.

  • Anadolu Motor, one of the largest five group of companies in Turkey 

Since 2013, manufacturing  motor oils for the group that represents Japanese and Korean automobile brands in Turkey, as well as, Italian and Korean tractors.

  • Europe’s largest online Motocross parts store  based out of Sweden 

Since 2014, manufacturing motorcycle  oils for  Europe’s largest online Motocross parts store  based out of Sweden.

  • Korean company that produces brake fluid and antifreeze  

Since 2014, blending and filling their anti-freeze products and supply them to their customers in Turkey that use them as first-fill antifreeze for the 300,000+ cars that are manufactured in Turkey.