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Product Description:


DYNOL AXLE 80W90 GL-5 Gear Oil is a multigrade automotive gearbox lubricant which consist of high quality base oils and an advanced additive technology with high viscosity index. It was designed to provide optimum protection under extreme load conditions and it protects the system against wear and oxidation. It prevents corrosion and foam. When the system is subject to high pressure, it continues to protect gearbox system with the same performance due to the highly polar extreme pressure additives. It is specifically designed for transaxles, gearboxes and also limited slip differentials. It does not need an additional friction modifier for use in limited slip differentials as the co-efficient of friction is high enough for ‘non chatter’ performance.


It is used in the transmission and differential systems of modern passenger cars, heavy duty industrial equipment and vehicles.


  • Enhanced EP properties, reduced gear wear and extended life in transmissions, gearboxes, and final drives
  • Excellent thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation, minimal deposits for long gear and bearing life
  • Outstanding anti-wear performance, preventing premature failure and provide longer equipment life
  • Excellent corrosion protection, preventing corrosion for increased equipment protection and equipment life
  • Good resistance to foaming, maintains film strength for effective lubrication
  • Compatible with typical automotive seals and gaskets, minimum leakage and reduced contamination

Meets Performance:           


Technical Data:

DYNOL Test method  
API   GL-5
SAE Grade   80W90
Density at 15°C gr/cm³ ASTM D 1298 0.89-0.90
Viscosity at 40°C cSt ASTM D 445 140-150
Viscosity at 100°C cSt ASTM D 445 14.5-15.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 110
Flash point   °C ASTM D 92 225
Pour point    °C ASTM D 97 -30

Above values are the typical values of the products and may vary with each batch.

1L: 11147.001

20L: 11147.020

209L: 11147.209

Please check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil viscosity grade and API classification and approvals.

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